Monday, April 16, 2012

one blanket no problem

If you whant cut down on wieght for your next trek I would suggest bring no oil colh. Unless your travel by boat or going to muster at a fort  many accounts do state this the woodsmen insted slept incaves or just out in the open  ......hoped this makes your next trip better and more easy

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  1. This is true my friend, but I will stick with my oilcloth. I have used hollow trees etc, but they are not always comfortable or always to be found. Many used their blankets as shelter, putting the blanket over a frame of sticks, but I prefere to have it wrapped around me for warmth. Not all woodsmen were smart, & many did not survive.
    I do take your point though, & carrying light is a good aim, but when packing for the trail, there must be some compromise between minimum weight & maximum self-reliance. My pack weighs 24 lbs all up, which I find easy to carry & comfortable, & that includes my oilcloth.
    A personal choice as always, but if my pack was too heavy, I think I would shed something else before my oilcloth.
    With respect & sincere regards, Keith.